Clayton - I hope you don't mind too much I found the copies of your website and posted the link. It is one of my favorite sites, and I felt Roberto, as a new Cirkut owner, should see it .

I believe somewhere I have a copy of "Gears" on a floppy disc, I think directly from Bob Lang. I've never used it myself, due to the need for an exact measurement of the lens focal length. I suspect I could build a nodal slide and use my long Starrett vernier calipers to get an accurate-enough measurement of FL, but there are always 1001 other things to do.

From the information Roberto has posted, it seems a former owner of the Outfit has already measured FL and calculated correct gears. Clayton (or anyone), does my suggestion to Roberto to make a focusing scale based on actual distance measurements corresponding the those marked on his gears seem the correct way to get his Cirkut so he can focus it?