Self reply for any future reference.
Hard to find infomation on this one so i took a chance and brought one.
Seems to be a well made but poorly marketed item.Guess it was up against sekonic and luna pro etc.
Made in Japan, digital meter that runs of a 9 volt ALKALINE.
reflected and incident.
About the size of a small calculator, very easy to use, has intermediate asa/din so handy for gost settings.
Checked against 3 mamiyas [ ZM] known to be accurate, the sheperd is spot on.
Price? one went last week on e-bay UK for 30 pounds!!!! Mine NZ$50.00 a bit more than i wanted to pay but that happens when some other clown does`nt know when to give up[ smiley here]
There is a flickr page that shows how to adjust this meter, its in cantonese though i think. [yengangyang]