So I'm at work this week in Jeju Island, Korea, a scenically beautiful spot (though without much to do) at the far southern tip of the country.

It rained buckets much of the day yesterday---I braved the weather a couple of times, but kept having to run back into the hotel to dry off, and eventually decided that it was too much of a pain, so I sat around drinking tea and reading, with the Bessa-R looking reproachfully at me for neglecting it.

Late in the afternoon, the rain broke, and having taken all the photos I could usefully take of the view outside my room, I bit the bullet, put my shoes back on again (I'm in a Korean-style room, so every ingress or egress involves a change of shoes---not so much fun when you have a sprained ankle) and went out One More Time, just in case the day was going to throw me a photographic bone after all. But it was grey and dim and I was loaded with 50 ASA film, so the prospects were pretty limited.

I turned a corner around the side of the hotel, and the clouds split open; indirect, warm afternoon sunlight pouring over the hillside, Mount Halla cloudwrapt in the distance, pines poured over volcanic rock glistening with the rain.

Half a dozen shots later the moment was gone and everything was dull grey and dim again, but you better believe I got those half-dozen shots!

We'll see how they come out, but just the anticipation of knowing that the latent images are there is enough to compensate me for all the wet feet and uncomfortable changes of shoes from the rest of the day.