These times were sent to me by Ilford, about 15 years ago...

These times are for rollfilms. 35 mm times are a bit quicker for HP3 and HP4, but a bit longer for the FP3...?

FP3 @125ASA Microphen: 6mins normal contrast, 8.30 high contrast.
FP3 @125ASA ID-11: 7.30 normal contrast, 10:00 high Contrast

HP3 @400ASA Microphen: 8mins normal contrast, 12min high contrast.
HP3 @400ASA ID-11: 10min normal contrast, 14min high contrast

HP4 @400ASA Microphen: 6mins normal contrast, 7.30min high contrast.
HP4 @400ASA ID-11: 9min normal contrast, 11min high contrast

Also, years of introduction:
Selochrome 1937
Selochrome FG pan1938
HP2 1938
FP2 1939
HP3 1941
FP3 1946
PAN F 1948
HPS 1954
HP4 1960
FP4 1968
HP5 1976
HP5 plus 1989
FP4 plus 1991
PanF plus 1992