I'd run some film and see how it goes.

To ensure 100% perfect results I wound up with a rather complicated scheme.
In the dark I punch a hole in the end of the film
Through this hole I thread a small cable-tie
The locking mechanism on the cable tie is defeated for re-use
The end of the cable tie is split like a snake's tongue
I thread the other end of the film onto the spiral and feed it all the way to the hub.
I then wedge the snake's tonge between the spirals to catch on the radial supports of the reel.
This keeps pressure on the film to keep it pushed into the spiral, thus keeping the film pressed against the outer spiral and keeping the emulsion away from the inner spiral.
I have done about 40 rolls this way (2 reels at a time; 72 exposures, per development run). Somewhat tedious, but near perfect development each time on a Jobo CPP2.