I was given an perfectly working Noritsu V50 from a retiring photostore. I use normaly a Jobo for prpcessing my own and my customers E6-films. I also do small run of C41. I think that this Noritsu has to large troughput for my buisness. I dont want to clean it and store it. And im pretty sure the chemistry will die if i dont use it every day.

But: - Can i re-buil it with small "one shot" tanks and run E6 filsm trough it. As far as i have seen, it is 7 tanks inside it. And ill guess il can program the speed of the film trough it. Maybe i even can make an B&W machine out of it, since B&W is what i do most - personally and for customers.

Any ideas folks. Im going to give this machine a furnished and safe home until "she" is an adult ANYWAY