My new website venture LVL39.COM is up and running! This new community is a partnership between myself and a friend in the UK. I'll warn you, it's a bit 'different', but if you enjoy alt news, conspiracy, ufo, science, philosophy, then head over and sign up. It's early days, so we need people to sign up, post messages and give us tons of feedback on how to improve things (such as recommendations for forums categories and content, etc). This site is run under the photocentric ltd umbrella with my other sites. My aim is to bring a few more communities online, add revenue streams and rely less on APUG.

For those wondering about the name, there have always been some rumors of the US Military having 38levels above top secret, so we settled on the name LVL39


P.S. now that this build is finally wrapping up (about a month of work) my partner will be handing most of the LVL39 day to day and I'll be back in full for APUG.