How much light, what lenses, and what format? Are they posed? Hand held? Nothing can be answered until you say those things, except perhaps some general recommendations for some fast films. These would be Pro Pro 800Z or Portra 800 for medium format, and either of these plus Superia 800 and Superia 1600 for 35mm. There is a Kodak consumer 800 film as well. Though I, and some others, think it is crap, it is also an option (35mm only).

If 400 film will do, there are a few more options.

As for the comment to beware of non-daylight-balanced makes absolutely no sense at all. There is nothing else fast to use in the situation (except digital). Exactly what films are you warning the OP to beware of? There are none that are fast. As for non-daylight color neg films that may still be found in usable condition (NPL is gone, 100T is gone, but they are still usable), none of them were fast, so the OP would not even be considering them, let alone what is left (64T and T64), because they are slow and they are transparency films. 320T might be able to be hunted down, but it is not C-41. Additionally, you can't make the statement you made unless you know what color the lighting is. In fact, if there were such a thing as a fast tungsten-balanced neg film, that is surely what I would think of as the go-to tool for this situation, barring further details. It is "wreak", not "reap", and I am curious as to exactly what sort of "havoc" you think a non-daylight-balanced color negative film would wreak when shot in a situation about which we know almost no technical information.