there's no problem posting a link. If anyone wanted to host some of the pages on their own website that's ok by me. Maybe I should put it all up on wikipedia?

I'm a bit vague on it now but I think when we got the program from Bob Lang, it was in visual basic and rewrote it in C+. He checked it and okayed the new version then it was put up on the website. There were 2 versions, one you could download and run on your pc the other was an online program that ran off the server. You just punched in the numbers and it spat out the answer.

I never used a focussing scale on my camera. All I did was focus the camera then select the gear to suit that focus distance. If you're shooting scenics you can use one gear for each lens, just the infinity gear. If you're shooting groups a 25 foot gear is all you need.

An easy test to see if your gearing is correct is to shoot a square target placed at the focus distance. When the film is processed measure the square horizontal and vertical. They should match, the vertical never changes but the horizontal does depending on gearing.

Len are you still shooting the Cirkut? I moved over to Roundshots a few years ago, a lot less hassle and easy to print any size, plus cheap film too.