OK, I must admit I am one of those slackers who haven't printed and sent cards yet.......Hopefully this weekend I can get some time in the little black box I call a darkroom!

But, that doesn't mean my Mail box has been empty:

DRPSilver - Barn, Curry Lane - Reminds me of a favourite location of mine. Shame I can't get close enough to get some nice images, as they have fenced it off
Polyglot - Lesmurdie Falls - William, you keep taking pictures like that, I might just have to think about a 67. Love the nearly surreal feel of the mist and the good detail of the middle rocks
omu(?) - La Maccina - Always a bit of a sucker for a nice set of wheels!
mooseontheloose - Kinkakuji - Very nice. When I get just a bit more proficient at what I do, I seriously want to give that kind of work a try

So 4 out of 20 thus far. Now its time to pull ones digit out and have a look at those negs!