Well I would consider just trying to buy the colour developer; I am not sure all of my colurs are bang on with the home brew mix I use. I have heard of people buying the 5L kit,and decant it off to samll sealed bottlles that are openned one at a time as needed, and otheriwse kept in the fridge.

the stop is dilute acetic acid, glacial 10mL per L.
I wash 1 min after stop to keep the bleach pH consitent.
I wash 2x 30s after bleach to prevent carry over into the fix for the same reason.
Fix is a basic rapid fixer I scartch mix.

I learned a lot by harvesting from rec.photo.darkroom archives about 5 or more years ago. Now it is just almost all spam. Then I discovered this place - kind of like an oasis after a desert.

I have files from Maxwell Sandford, who also home brews; he hangs out here as MTS, and has fed lots into newsgroups in the past as well. I cannot locate the file he sent me with his notes at the moment, but have the hard ciopy at home; he may be able to send you the same if you ask.