On #2 the large gear radius in 4.5" for a 6 outfit. It's the radius of the toothed gearhead.
#4 it's the distance between the lense axis and the center of the small tooth gear center, at a right (90 degree) angle.
#5 You are correct, between h and c. On the #6 and # 8 outfits the film plane is in front of the gear. Not so with the #5, #6, #10 and #16 cameras.
See wikipedia or other source for pitch definition, but the pitch on a 6 outfit (as well as the 8, 10, and 16) is 32 pitch. The 5 and 6 cameras have 48 pitch gears.
I'm happy to put the gear program on my site if someone tells me how. I'm on a mac and not great at programing, but if the server is performing the operations it wouldn't matter.
What are you planning to do for film Roberto?