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On #2 the large gear radius in 4.5" for a 6 outfit. It's the radius of the toothed gearhead.
#4 it's the distance between the lense axis and the center of the small tooth gear center, at a right (90 degree) angle.
#5 You are correct, between h and c. On the #6 and # 8 outfits the film plane is in front of the gear. Not so with the #5, #6, #10 and #16 cameras.
Thanks for the info !
I'm happy to put the gear program on my site if someone tells me how. I'm on a mac and not great at programing, but if the server is performing the operations it wouldn't matter.
No problem regarding re-programming, if the user is satisfied in using it as "stand alone", in no interactive form (inside a web page). I've copied it in
http://digilander.libero.it/foto_ras...rkut_gears.zip, just renaming it. It only needs to be unzipped and put in a folder; double click on gears.exe and it goes (in Windows; in Mac I don't know...). In my use I first deleted (better, renamed) the file gearsInput.txt, so I'm prompted to fill the line with the data of my own camera.
Please do not change the "credits": the programmer made a good job and a lot of thanks should go to Clayton Tume (clay nz) and to Len Robertson who was so clever in exhuming it from "Error 404 no-land". But I think that it should be accompanied by some "help", some descriptive note, also to solve the kind of doubts I had.
If inserted in a web page, I think some SW gadget would be necessary for interaction: sorry, I can't give any help...
See wikipedia or other source for pitch definition, but the pitch on a 6 outfit (as well as the 8, 10, and 16) is 32 pitch. The 5 and 6 cameras have 48 pitch gears.
I've searched on Wikipedia for the definition, finding a lot of different things related to screws, gears etc. Maybe is it the "pitch circle", or "pitch diameter", in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gear#Pitch ? Seems logically consistent, but on my tripod the gear diameter is 23cm, that is 9.0551 inches; so, where can I get the value "32" ? Mystery!
What are you planning to do for film Roberto?
For the moment, I'm just practising with the camera, trying to undestand well how to use it. It came with two huge rolls of film, still wrapped in black plastic. I suppose it's quite old and probably I'll use part of it to test the mechanics of the camera and my ability. Later on, sure I'll have the problem of film availability: I've heard that Aerial Photo Lab has it, and another source could be (I hope...) at Kodak, according to the hint given by 45PSS in the "Help board" of graflex.org. Did you have (and solved) this problem ?
But, after that, I'll have the problem of processing the film: an amazing adventure, I suspect...

Thanks a lot.