well, at least your taxes went to something good

I've recently found out from a friend that his dad purchased a porsche 911 gt2 at a sheriff's auction (drug bust car) for $9,500. I believe that was the starting bid too .

he tells me the car is sweet, customized with navigation and a kickin stereo system.

oh well, I got my Yashica T4 at the thrift shop for $2.50, so I'm kind of riding on air on that find .

I've recently(up until resuming school) been using the facilities at a local photo center. They have pretty much everything, including Jobo systems(CPP2 and a bunch of CPA's). I'm one of the few people still shooting film(especially m/f and l/f), but the 2nd in command there knows I like film, and he happily gets me the c-41 chems and some kodak rapid fix. they let everyone else(seriously like 3 or 4 other people) use the bulk chems they get. good stuff, but he lets only me use the really good stuff . I've been talking to him about getting the E-6 chems, cause I've found a somewhat cheap source of 120 and 4x5 chromes here in LA. slightly expired, but good nonetheless.

ohh... they have Imacons, a full b/w and color darkroom area(individual rooms w/ 4x5 enlargers) and 2 colex 30" ra-4 processors(one is set up for the digi people connected to a Chromira LED digital printer). They only run luster paper through the machine though, I prefer glossy. No matter.