Hello all
I have just come into a lovely old piece of kit - the Zelox enlarger meter - made in Sydney some 40 or more years ago by a family electronics firm (Steven Deratz, apparently now retired). Question is how to use it?
It has 0-60 wheel at top for 'paper sensitivity', a middle knob that has 5-10-20 choices for timing, presumably seconds, and a VU-type meter at the bottom. A paddle with holes is attached by electrical cord to the unit, for placing on the easel (and it works fine). I realise the key is where you set the knobs - but with Ilford MG papers, where would that be? I'm assuming it was made for graded papers, but can I use it for MG papers?
Anyone got one and using it? I realise it's a specialised piece of kit but somebody out there must have used one.
Any help gratefully received.