i believe that's what he meant.

Tom, you mentioned that you picked up your 2300 from a crime lab or something of the sort. They went through quite a bit of film when they shot film I would imagine, so yes, more throughput. A small, family-run portrait studio would be the ideal place for this setup too, since repeatability and reliability are needed for consistency. Especially when its business-related, not just a serious hobby.

I would imagine though that the best place for this machine would be in a school(city college or university) where the photo dept would use it every day.

A friend of mine who lives in AZ had his H.S. group class photograph shot on 4x5. He's a photo bug too, so he was able to talk to the photographer after seeing him make adjustments with the sinar f2 he was using to take the shot.

4 sheets of film to get the shot right, and everyone paying $15 for an 11x14 picture(probably printed at costco) x350 students, makes for a nice little business if you ask me . and a good profit margin .