I have a really nice split-back frame (Zone VI) but I don't want to use it. It involves extra steps and I want something extremely simple, i.e., put the paper on the easel, put the negative over it, put the glass on top of that, without the negative and paper getting out of alignment. The glass I use is quite heavy. It definitely holds everthing in place. The problem is that the paper is not exactly flat. When I put the glass on the neg/paper, it moves around a little in the process of being flattened. It is not completely out of whack - I still get all of the negative in the print - it is just kind of annoying that it is askew. It looks sloppy.

All I want is a simple little "guide" that would keep the neg and paper together when I plop the glass on it so I don't have to screw around in the dark. My basic philosophy is the less of that, the better. I have to plop the glass on several times in order to get it straight, which increases the possibility of dust, fingerprints, smudges.

I guess I am going to have to make something, which probably won't be too difficult. I just wondered if anyone else had done such a thing so I could benefit from their experience, but I am guessing that is not the case. I will report back when I get it made and then patent it and become a millionaire by selling it to the legions of those who contact print 8x10 negatives. Ok, that second part probably isn't gonna happen.