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I've noticed that many of my older flashes has an AC socket. Is this for alternating current battery eliminators, or something else?

If they are, are there any standards for this type of socket? Could I solder up one myself? Try find a replacement for a twenty year old flash, it's not easy.
By an "AC socket" do you mean a socket that looks like a AC wall socket you might plug your toaster into () or a socket that you could plug in an alternate source of power for the flash?

If it is the former, it isn't for power at all - it is a "household" style connector for flash synch (as noted above).

The latter type of socket isn't found very often now, but I recall having a small Braun flash that had a socket that you plugged one end of a proprietary cord into, with the other end plugged into the AC socket in the wall, for power.

The "household" style synch cords were both good and bad - good because they provided a strong and simple contact, but bad because they could be mistaken for something that plugs into a wall.