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#4 it's the distance between the lense axis and the center of the small tooth gear center, at a right (90 degree) angle.
Sorry, but it is not clear. Do you mean, referring to the image in http://digilander.libero.it/foto_ras...ut_pattern.jpg, for lense axis, the line "D" ? And for "center of the small tooth gear center", the line "L" ? But I can't understand how this connection could be relevant for the task of the program, all the more so if with the reference to a "90 degree angle" (of what with what?). The same expression "perpendicular" is used for #5, for which we both agree that is the distance H - C.
...... but the pitch on a 6 outfit (as well as the 8, 10, and 16) is 32 pitch.
But mine, on the large gear on top of tripod, has, engraved, the #28.....
Brave, surprising, expert, tenacious ! :o