Well, you say no monorail cameras, so we can throw out the Sinar, the Arca, the Toho, the Gowland, and the B&J Grover.

You say no wood, so you can pretty much toss 90% of the 8x10 cameras ever made.

That leaves you with the Kodak Master (ancient, pricey, rare lensboards), the Toyo (heavy, expensive), the metal Canham (expensive, limited movements), and the Calumet C1 (heavy, cheap, no fun with wide angles). Of those options, I say get a C1 and spend your money on glass.

Speaking of glass, you say you want a "portrait lens." This means a lot of things in 8x10. In general terms, this means a lens 360mm to 500mm with or without soft focus. I can't recommend a lens for you, but if by portrait lens you mean a soft focus lens, that could eat into your camera budget quite severely.