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I'd reconsider the material choice. Wood is a fine choice. I've played with a Shen Hao (https://www.badgergraphic.com/store/...uct_list&c=98a) 8x10 and I thought it was pretty amazing for under $2000. I just rehabbed a Calumet C1 (great camera for the price, heavy, a bit awkward). If I take to 8x10, I suspect I'll get the Shen Hao or a Canham (Canham is more than $2K, though).

Well, I just bought the Shen Hao as my first 8x10, and I think the build quality is awesome and it has all the movemnts you will need. I bought it in China and had it for for under $2000. If you are looking for a lens and some film holders your $2000 will come up short, unless you go second hand. I preffered the wood to metal. Better in the cold, and warping is definitely not an issue. I think you need to consider that these cameras are not for throwing around...and including wood will open up your options.

Rgds, kal