I also think you are shooting yourself in the foot by insisting on metal for the reasons you give. I like metal simply because I often shoot in really foul weather conditions and I feel bad exposing a nice cherry or mahogany box with leather bellows to the wet. But it is not because of warping. I have used quite a few wooden field cameras and that has never been a problem.

If you want a good metal 8x10 for under 2K, then the Kodak Master 8x10 is the camera for you. They are not easy to find but they do pop up from time to time. You may have to wait a little while. I use one and find it very sturdy and easy to use. They weigh about 12 lbs which is about average for a field camera of that quality. You can certainly get lighter for $$$

As for a "portrait" lens, don't make the mistake I did. I figured that since a portrait lens in 35mm format is about 100mm, I would want a 600mm for 8x10. Dumb idea, since I also need a huge bellows to focus the damn thing any closer than the end of my street. I use a 14 inch Commercial Ektar, which is considered about normal for 8x10, and I do a lot of people photography (although not traditional head and shoulders portraits). Since you want to stay under $2000, the Commercial Ektars are a good buy.

If I were you, I would definitely not get the Calumet unless you are in training for the Iron Man competition or do not plan to shoot anything more than 20 ft from the car. Yosuf Karsh used one but it never left the studio.