Along the same lines...I have been hearing rumors that the Peruvian authorities require a tripod permit to photograph at Machu Pichu. The fee of $750.00 U.S. is being assessed to all that are considered involved with a commercial endeavor. Insofar as the authorities are concerned tripod equates to professional which equates to commercial. That fee is per that would mean one permit for Machu Pichu, one for the site of the Sun Temple, another for Cusco etc. Understandably, one could blow the budget in a few days. This regulation was brought on by a film crew that damaged a stone with a dropped gantry at M.P.

I have since encountered a U.S. photographer who stated that he photographed at Machu Pichu with a 12X20 and purchased no permit. However he needed to carry all of his equipment in at one time. I guess that if one can substantiate a non commercial basis that the fee is waived.

I think that this speaks to all of us to not cause needless problems to the authorities in the areas where tripods may become obtrusive.