I received this email:

FAVORITES NIGHT AT Film Photographers Association:

At our next FPA meeting, Wednesday November 18th, we invite you to
bring 5 to 10 images (prints or slides) that say "This is my favorite".

It could be a photographic technique that you enjoy using or even
experimenting with, like montages, multiple exposures, or special filters.
It could be a favorite place where you always get some nice images.
Or a certain type of photography like portraits, macro images, or
landscapes. Maybe you have a favorite subject like birds, cities, or
sunsets. Or maybe you would just like to show us your favorite
images, whether or not a judge liked them.

We all love to make images, and we would love to see what you like
best in your photography.

We meet at 7 PM at the Larson Senior Center
on Rt 152, South Main St, in Attleboro, MA
Mike madmanmiked@hotmail.com
Ray ray.guillette@comcast.net
with any questions.