i get some film (generally for the saturation boost) for 99c/roll at my local 99c store. in date. definitely fuji c200. prints nicely. grainy though.

I have found a cheaper (4 roll pack/$1) at my local 'Nothing over 99c store'. Its expired in 09/08, but it looks great, and the colors are spot on from what I can see. I have to make another trip back to get all that I can of that film they have in stock that I can afford. Hell, I shoot it in my T4 and the negs look great. Even better when through the F100.

I know that many people tell me "don't shoot expired film if you value your images!" absolute bollocks if you ask me. My color photog teacher has asked me to print negs I normally wouldn't have just because she likes what I'm shooting and printing. Besides, my local store buys in BULK, and I check the emulsion numbers on the boxes, and get the same E-#'s, so they're coming out of the same boxes, so stored the same. No problems so far, except for the pack of Max 800 i got. bad cyan density loss. and extremely grainy. and this was with a small (1/4) stop push.

all my classmates shoot $6/roll portra and $5/roll fuji pro films. since I process my own rather than take it to a lab, it shows less grain(IMO) and the saturation is in all the right places, at least for me.

i print on fuji CA, glossy. nice and sharp, saturated(in all the right places, reds/grass/blue(not cyan) skies) great stuff. and "aged"