I know I won't have the throughput of film to run a replenished system. And when I shoot sheet film, it is in batches. Generally 20-30 sheets at a time. I tend to go through cycles. B/W for a while, then back to color. Sometimes both at the same time.

so single shot will probably be the best for me in terms of consistency from roll to roll and run to run. I will use distilled water to mix the stabilizer.

so, what's the poll, do you use Fuji or Kodak chems, and why? I have been sending sheet c-41 and e-6(well, all my e6 lately) to Samy's in Santa Barbara. They are doing it for $5/roll for 135/120/220. But the turnaround can sometimes be a little bit of a noose on my 'turnaround neck'. Otherwise, I've had no problems with my Kodak sheet and roll film(both EK and Fuji) in their FUJI chems for both processes. They run dip-n-dunk, and they are a lab, not a 1-man student operation as I am .