well, thankfully, I'm not having to shell out clams for the chems. since I develop at a photo center, they purchase the chems. I'm just trying to help them get the least expensive, yet QUALITY chemistry available. I don't want to put my precious films through sub-par chems.

They order chems for RA-4 from a local mom/pop camera store. in addition to 30" Fuji CA roll paper for their chromira.

I'm one of the youngest people there, mostly older people who 'want to get back into photography'. Nothing wrong with that. Its funny though because many of them ask me why I bother with the "big, heavy cameras". But then I show them some prints, and they see why. I guess some have become believers, cause there are a few that have returned to film after I've shown them how to develop/ basic print. They usually just go to Costco for their dev/printing. One guy got a Canon 5dII, but after his wife saw the c/c statement, she got pissed. He still has it, but for some reason, he held on to his eos-1n. he now shoots more ektar 100 than I'd like to say here . easily 50 rolls/month. he just can't get enough . he uses Costco though. he's in his early 60s.

he is pretty well off financially, and he now questions why he bought into the "megapixel myth". he doesn't print bigger than 8x10/12, and he does some really nice stuff! using some t/s lenses, some of his landscapes are very impressive. he and his wife are on the road 30 weeks/year living in an rv-bus. that's how I want to retire . Photographing God's great creation! As long as the contrails don't get in the shot .