sorry about that Denis. wasn't my intention.

so, lets re-start with YOUR original question:

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So, I purchased a couple of Fuji E6 5-liter kits ("Chrome 6x") - see attached pic.

I'll be mixing my first batch soon, but I'm still in doubt regarding a few things, namely:

The papers state the longevity of the mixed solution in various storage situations (half-full, tightly capped, etc...), but I still don't know how long the kit can last in its original factory package (unopened concentrates). I think I read somewhere that unopened it would last some 18 months... Possible?

Mixing smaller quantities:
I don't need full 5 liters of mixed chems... It would go bad too soon - besides, handling multiple (smaller) containers will be a problem. So, I'll probably be using a couple 300ml batches, until I get familiar with the process, and then perhaps 1 liter batches for 2 or 3 larger runs (batches of 10-16 4x5 chromes in Jobo 2840 drum, plus some medium format films).
I think the best way would be to mix smaller batches as needed, and transfer the remaining concentrates into smaller containers, to prolong the life of concentrate... and add some marbles to displace air from the smaller bottles with the concentrates.

Reusing solution:
Is it OK to reuse the diluted chems (solutions) immediately for a second run? I.e. preparing 1 liter solutions for all 6 chems, using it for one run (let's say 14 sheets of Velvia 4x5), and then a couple of hours later (or next day, when the drums and the reels have thoroughly dried) reusing those same diluted chems (solutions) for another run of another 14 sheets of 4x5 Velvia? I think I don't need to extend the times, since the data sheet states something like 118 4x5 sheets witout the need for extending the developing times.

I'll be using Jobo CPA2 and smaller and larger Jobo drums...

Thanks for any info...