It makes sense that bromide could retard the development of the red-sensitive layer too much, but doesn't it usually affect more Dmin than Dmax? The key to getting proper whites is to get proper Dmax in every layer in the first BW developer; there must not be any halides left. I would understand the problem better if it was the undermost layer.

I have some quite mixed results about giving longer development time or using stronger developer. Usually they reduce the cyan problem. The best results with the cyan problem so far are the ones using huge HQ levels. It was about 40 g/l, which is near it's solubility limit . I'll find more test strips and my notes and post more results as soon as I find them. This one doesn't show any cyan, just the green-magenta crossover: . It's Agfa Neutol 1+3 with 11 g/l HQ added if I remember correctly.

If I currently had to suggest something, I would say some compound of my results, like:
FD: Dektol 1+3 with added hydroquinone 10 g/l and hypo 0,3 g/l
CD: Added sodium sulfite 0,8 g/l.

But again, I might be completely lost .