<<<Hi everyboy &#33;
well, I&#39;ve read some papers about French regulation pertaining to
Every people has right over is own image, but if in a public place
nobody can refrain you from making a picture &#33;
If you plan to use it commercially or not (at an artit&#39;s exhibition, for
exemple) you _do_ need a written authorisation for all things, human or
not, appearing in the picture. Buildings, boats, volcanos &#33;&#33;&#33; and even
sheeps in a field &#33;
Remember that according to French law, a café terrasse is a public
place, but not the café itself &#33; and a departement store is definittelly
a private place &#33;
As far as I know you do not need anymore a permit to use a tripod on
Paris streets, but bear in mind that Vigipirate plan is enforced due to
the terrorit&#39;s risks and as an English speaking guy, you will be
considered suspect by police people... Same individuals all over the
So I do recomend you deploy a large format camera only at "low risk"
places and be prepared to discuss somewhat.
A trick I&#39;ve used with great success is to give a polaroid at people I
plan to photograph....
Keep away from "la grande Arche de la defense" highly copyrighted, so
photographers are chased .... around and also keep away from official
buildings, whatever they are &#33;
Christer Almqvist a écrit :>>>