I haven't tried this yet, but I've heard of people cutting the plastic out of the center of a 2-liter soda bottle and then forming it into a strip of plastic the width of either 35mm or 120 film. They then slip the plastic into one of their existing 35mm or 120 tank reels to form a cylinder. They then tape the Minox 8x11 film around the outside of the plastic cylinder in a helical spiral. The nice thing about this technique is it allows you to use your existing Jobo/Paterson tank without having to chop up a reel and does not effect the liquid loading and unloading flow patterns. The downside would be using much more chemical than a Minox tank, which only needs just over 50 ml of chemical. IIRC, the juice can folks that Anscojohn talked about trim the can in such a way as to fit it in the tank with no reel in such a way that the slope of the top holds it into the center. If you go with this approach make sure that the juice can allows the developer to enter and circulate freely just as if you were using a reel.

Denis K