Looking at the Calumet website it would seem like I didn't make a big enough order, I ordered 5 rolls of Tmax and some Xtol to collect in store, but I also popped in later on to get some tri-x and some Superia 100 (or Fujicolor 100 as it's now called?) Anyway it would seem that the stuff that is really cheap is the Kodak and Fuji B&W film and Fujicolor 100 and Superia 200. Ilford's films are about what I would expect to pay on the high street about what Jessops charge before some prat decided to double the prices. Other prices are sky high, like beyond even Jessops, Pan F 7 anybody?
Although some Ilford stuff is really cheap and one thing that made almost me laugh is the 3200 films, 7dayshop they are about the same price or they would be if Tmax 3200 wasn't on offer. On the Calumet site D3200 is 8.50 while T3200 is 3!