In the last month I shot some Walgreen's/Agfa and some Walgreens/Fuji. I rate the older Walgreens Agfa 400 at 250 and the Walgreens Fuji 400 at 320. Both films are good but are not tolerant of underexposure. I rate both the Walgreens/Agfa 200 and the Walgreens/Fuji 200 at 200 with good results. Today I shot a roll of Fuji Superia-Xtra 400 at 400 in a Canon EF. At one time Konica also made a lot of private label color print film. I have a large supply of the CVS/Fuji 200 and 400 speed films and I also rate the CVS 400 at 320. CVS sometimed has four-packs on sale at $4.99 for the 200 film and $5.99 for the 400 film. The Walgreens prices are much higher for the same film but they also offer an 800 speed film, which CVS does not.