Artistes ruin it. Dorks, nerds and jocks ruin it. Fake, one dimensional people.
Im not saying all are one dimensional but
The grade, high schools and universities?
If you can walk into a busy 4th grade class and immediately tell where the majority of those kids belong
with any certainty
writing letters to whomever you're writing them to is wasted effort

You have a much bigger problem than what is on TV or even taught in schools
In that one hour a day of "music class" ain't changing shT

Most have HUGEEEEEEEE issues with the way I write
Most would simply write me off as having nothing much worth listening to

I'm just saying.

I enjoy about everything under the sun and don't want anything cut in order to gain more of something else
..unless you can cut "news" completely out of the picture for me
Why no news? ..not all that interested in how someone is fuc*ing up the world.
I love sports ...all of em
I paint
I take photos
made my own clay and kiln from resources off the property ..just because
I listen to all kinds of music
I love to laugh and take long walks on the beach at night
I garden
I'm like a cat whisperer lol
I watch interior decorating shows
I used to write poetry to piss off a HS english teacher who said we couldn't do so because she was trying to get better at it herself?
I'm meticulous
straight A student who could barely pass a subject because at some point doing homework meant more than a 95%
I have a high IQ and will outwork anyone
I'm extremely competitive
not a sore loser
I will challenge anyone at just about anything just to get better at whatever -that- happens to be
probably not car repair or anything mathmatical ..though I did always to try to find my own ways of solving problems
and even found a few much simpler than whatever they were teaching at the time but wasn't allowed to do that so I just did that and for every 10 questions I'd fail miserably on 6 of em and squeak out a pass with an 85% on finals
but probably will bog down with auto repair

I'm just game
So what?
I think you need more gamers
people who truly care
Maybe I care crazily, I dunno ..probably
Too many people in management -or in training- willing to just soak people and run
telling them that they have no obligation
Just dominate their slice of land, fortify it then "buy" everything else they "need" to survive from those slaving away to get their own even tinier slice
and when they start losing money like Nicholas Cage demand that without a drop and/or rise in prices the system will go belly up but what really happens:rolleyes: is
crap television commercials
labor day
and grass root religions
maybe drugs ..but perhaps drugs is just a speculative wal mart getting its product out