Usually, LED displays on timers, or the luminous dials on GraLabs will not fog film. If you have problems, usually rigging a shade to keep the direct light from the timer display off the developing film while still allowing you to see the display works fine. I used a GraLab for years with no problems.

In my darkroom in the states I use a Zone VI Compensating Developing Timer (no longer available) with a red LED display that can be dimmed for film developing.

In Europe, I use a combination of cheapo oven timer (without lit display) and metronome. I set the timer with my total developing time minus 15 seconds and start it at the beginning of development. The metronome, which is always ticking seconds in the background, becomes my timer for agitation (so many times through the stack every 60 seconds which translates to so-and-so many seconds per flip...). The timer goes off with four beeps every second, allowing me to count the remaining 15 seconds, get the stack in the right order and transfer it to the stop. For the stop and fix, I just count seconds from the metronome. I often use a loudly-ticking quartz wall clock instead of the metronome. The clock is a bit quieter...

BTW, I like Victor's idea of playing "minuets" on his MP3 player... Developing by hand in trays is kind of like an old-fashioned, formal dance in some ways (Just kidding Victor :-))

Hope this helps

Doremus Scudder