well, if I had to shoot IN-DATE film, I wouldn't have been passing my class :o.

no, my local "mom and pop 99c store" has kodak gold 200 in the 4 roll packs(like those at wally world), and are out of date as of 09/08.
going strong so far. I just check the emulsion #s on the bottom of the boxes when I buy them to get all the same. Generally 10-15 boxes at a time. I figure that if all are the same, they are likely out of the same case, and probably stored the exact same. So 40-60 rolls of 24exp. Gets me what I need. And since I process it myself at school, all the chems are essentially free. Just my time isn't

very cost effective way to shoot color neg IMO. Thankfully they bought a good deal of this same emulsion number . This term I figure I've saved about $120 so far on film alone compared to my fellow classmates. My teach likes my work, and she is quite thrilled at what I can get the good ol' GB-200 to do really.

get what you like at the price you can afford. I thank God daily for people who pass this stuff up so I can get it.

I know some pros who have shot Gold 100/200 for headshots and even magazine editorial stuff out here in LA. most are all digi now, but some still like to break out the 1v or f100 on a job and shoot a few rolls for themselves, client and talent willing of course.

I'm sure they don't shoot expired though

So far though, I'd stay away for the high speed stuff. I've had nothing but bad luck from MAX 400/800 and Fuji 400/800 stuff, even when its just a over a year O.o.D....

best of luck!!!



I would put my really critical stuff on fresh film if i were you. unless you've got rolls from the same batch you've tested for fog/other nasties.... Portra NC/VC is still my favorite