[QUOTE=djacobox372;895318]I've developed 12 sheets of black and white film in the combiplan... it works but you have to separate the sheets after fixing and wash them six at a time to completely clear them.

My efforts with back to back sheets sandwiching a drying screen mesh have so far not needed additional steps

I use both Delta & HP5 with Ilford Hypam at 1+4.

When I switch the lights on after 60sec in the fix, I keep expecting to see a milky/foggy emulsion but it has always been clear so far.

I don't exceed the manufacturers’ data sheet recommendations on fixing capacity

Despite being clear at 60 sec I still leave them in the fix for 4 mins - just to be sure and then into an extended wash.

I cannot see the rate of washing on the back surface of the film being that great, so I assume it will take a good while to wash away the now soluble remnants of the anti-halation layer