While this topic (Kodak Chemistry Discontinuation Notice) has created many posts and legitimate concerns in the B&W: Film, Paper, Chemistry subforum on this board, I am wondering about the E-6 chemistry that was also mentioned. (see DISCONTINUED KODAK (Chemistry products) in the B&W subforum)

Now I certainly don’t want to create any more panic, or Kodak bashing, but my question is this…

Since I do not do any home E-6 processing, but rather send my transparency films out, do any of the items listed in this discontinuation notice have an impact on commercial E-6 labs?

For those who do process E-6 at home, are you concerned?

We have seen Kodak drop many of its E-6 films, and now this...

Is this the “beginning of the end” for commercial E-6, just as Kodachrome K-14 processing is on its final way out?

Again, my intent is not to create more Kodak bashing, I do not want to create any more “Doom and Gloom”, I’m just wondering?

Thanks in advance