My father owned a funeral home for which I worked in my younger days and he and I still run a graveyard to this day. I've never got spooked by anything to do with the dead, until today. I walked through the Western States no name graveyard, and got a cold chill from being in there. Something about a graveyard full of stones and no names or numbers, just isn't right. That was the strangest feeling I've ever had. I felt like I was staring into the mouth of hell or something. very weird, especially for me. Staunton, though is a photographers playground. Beautiful gothic homes and Victorian architecture. I just wish the weather had been better, overcast. I hope to spend a day there and a night , as I enjoy night photography, sometime in the spring. Matt nice to meet you, Matthew Thacker here, or Bonedaddy to my friends. I enjoyed your photos of Dejarnette, very nice work.