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Well, I am in a bit of a bind. I am looking into buying a camera to be used for wet plate photography, but I'm not sure which size I want to purchase.

I suppose, essentially, I am asking if 11"x14" is too much of a hassle and if I should settle for 8"x10". By "hassle," I mean the price of lenses for full 11"x14" coverage and availability (cameras, lenses, plate holders).

I would love to have a larger, 11"x14" plate, but I think I could settle for 8"x10" if 11"x14" equipment is A. really expensive and B. harder to come by, especially since I could purchase cheaper film for the 8"x10" camera if I wanted to use film.

I've looked around on Google, and it seems (theoretically) that they are about the same, just different sizes.

If you have any suggestions of cameras/lenses I should look into, I'd appreciate it.

Does this help? This is Andreas Emmel, a good friend of mine and a great photographer. He built his own 11x14 camera is is using it for pinhole and lens-based photography. He is always complaining about the weight but loves his camera. he even built his own holders! You find his images at: