Ahhhhh...the outdoor figure study...Always a conundrum of sorts.

I thought I had this figured out. I shoot any outdoor figure studies up in the mountains on public land. Either well away from anything or just below an area where nudists tend to congregate (I mean THEy won't complain....)

One time though this back-fired. I was shooting below the nudist area and there was NOBODY around.

Or so it seemed. This area happens to be in a canyon below a waterfall. Above the waterfall is the nudist area.

So we are shooting. The model is in the buff. Everything is fine. Nobody is around.

I go to change my film back when I hear this loud "CLICK". In fact it was the exact sound you get when the mirror activates on an SLR. See canyons are GREAT at amplifying sounds. I look up and see a camera lens duck behind the top of the waterfall.

So I tell the model to wrap herself up for another shot in a sheet, and shoot a few junk frames. All the while looking out of the corner of my eye.

Yep. Somebody was up there poking a camera over the rocks for their own shoot!

So I say "Hey, I gotta take a piss. Why don't you take off the sheet so we can do those other shots."

I walk to the base of the waterfall (dry at this time of year), wait a second, and then launch myself up it. It is only about 12-18 feet high and easily climbed. Plus I was PISSED.

I pop over the top right into the face of some schmuck with a low-end SLR (Rebel?) and one of those XX-300 zoom lenses.

Which he promptly dropped. Probably because I was running at him screaming like a drunken Viking.

I stopped.

Looked at the wreckage.

And climbed back down to finish my shoot.