I've acquired a Durst Laborator 1200 enlarger with CLS 450 head. I also have the TRA 450 transformer/power supply, but not the ST450 Stabilizer/Timer unit.

I've found a brief discussion of this setup here: http://www.apug.org/forums/archive/i...p/t-40367.html.

My question is whether I can use a conventional (eg Novex) timer to drive the TRA 450. The TRA 450 has a timer power outlet on the back which supplies 220/240 volts (correct for us here in Australia) for the timer, but I'm wondering about the correct input voltage from the timer to the TRA 450. I would hope that the ST450 Timer unit would output at normal mains voltage, but would like to check. The timer input socket has a conventional pin pattern but has a moulded bar in the socket to prevent insertion of a standard plug.

Short version: for the Durst TRA 450 (Australian version) what is the correct voltage for the input from the timer?

Alternately: what is the output voltage of the ST450 (Australian version)?