Took some shots of the darkroom with my recently acquired SQ-A but discovered in developing them that I didn't understand how the time exposure setting worked (must remember to read the manual FIRST in future....) so used a P&S digicam instead for these pics... And to think, I tidied up the darkroom just for a digicam - huh!

Base units are kitchen units from the local DIY store, pulled out about 9" from the wall with a batten along the wall to hold the back edge of the counter top to give the extra depth the enlarger etc needs - once the top is screwed to the units and the wall it's solid as a rock. I'm not a fan of open shelves - too much dust to be spread around... Hot water is via a 3kW instant water heater just visible in the far corner next to the lower fan under the shelf at the end of the 6' sink.

Need more sockets!

Cheers, Bob.