I am starting to think that viewing prints instead of reproductions is important for any starting photographer. (Quote)

I agree with you that the study of photographs is vitally important to all of us. I know that it is for me. I remember the first time that I saw some of Howard Bonds images in a gallery and when I had the opportunity to view Charles Phillips work. Reproductions are so limited in there ability to transmit all of the information.

I spent the day yesterday, in an area of my state known as the Flint Hills. This is a portion of the 1% of the remaining prairie in existence in our country. A truly beautiful region in the spring. I have never photographed there and want to take the big cameras there in the weeks and months ahead. The difficulty that I have experienced in photographing there is one of "scale". The view can extend for miles with undulating hills, streams and trees in the low lying areas. I took some time this morning to review some of Paula Chamlee's work in Tuscany. I was once again made aware of her effective use of "form" and "tone" in her images. Her images made there convey a sense of "scale" that I wish to emulate.

I hope to someday view Edward Westons work. He and his son Brett have long inspired me through their highly developed vision. Thanks for sharing your experience.