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I am starting to think that viewing prints instead of reproductions is important for any starting photographer. (Quote)

I agree with you that the study of photographs is vitally important to all of us. I know that it is for me. I remember the first time that I saw some of Howard Bonds images in a gallery and when I had the opportunity to view Charles Phillips work. Reproductions are so limited in there ability to transmit all of the information.

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I feel this way about images posted on the internet. I know the range of my prints and the details. They seem to really get reduced when put on a computer screen (from 11x14 silver to 6x8 glowing phosphous.) Then we try to evaluate our photos this way. It is like evaluating how a car looks from a text description. Or recognising a person from a text description. Then there is the whole digi sacred cow. I agree - prints have to be experienced first hand to really be appreciated.