I bought 8 plastic containers that go under the bed, approx 50inches wide x 10inches lenght and 10 inches depth,
I labeled them dev stop fix fix wash hypo toner and used them quite succesfully to produce 30 x40 murals. Very easy to use and when finished they are stackable and go under the sink
The only problem I had was the washing stage as they hold so much water It is really a chore to dump and fill enough to get a good wash. After the prints have gone through the stages of printing the rolled paper is quite fragile therefore care must be taken at the washing stage, I bought a large sheet of plexi to use for squeegie purposes and hang the prints back to back to stop some of the curl when drying. Pop them in the hot press an whammo 30x40 murals.
All the acessories to do this were bought at the Home Depot for under $200.