Use a vacumn easel.
there must be some on ebay or craigs list
If you are handy , and I mean handy you can make one yourself.
Keep the motar/pump off your enlarging table and away from the enlarger .
These were necessary tools in the Photo Comp Days before Photoshop, I have used wall mural vacumns for giant murals right down to 8x10 inch V - easels.
If you get one then black magnets strips will allow you to make an edge for aligning the paper into place and away you go.

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Whenever I try to make a border-less print without an easel, the paper has a tendency to buckle in the middle. Although it's miniscule, the slight variation in the height is enough to throw the focus off.

Any tips on how to get a good flat image without having to get a sans-border easel?