i shoot 11x14 plates.....seldom......i have a dark box and all for up t 11x14. when i try and move the stuff my back hurts. it fills my car. so even shooting 8x10 with the box is not so much fun.

i have actually just ordered a 1/2 plate camera. i am going that size and smaller so i can move all over the place and shoot everywhere with "ease"

if you plan to use 11x14 for plates you most likely will not be going far from the studio. so be sure to get a camera that has a BIG lens board to hold the monster fast lenses you will need. my 8x8 DD board is "almost" too small for the 25 inch f5 petzval. i made threaded aluminum lens board.

i find that i am shooting 5x7 the most (no new camera yet).