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I am not sure if you had a particular reason in mind for starting this thread, Art.
I go to Toronto about once a month, so I was going to see, if there were enough APUGers, what the interest level would be for a photo road trip or two. I don't mind a small group versus a large group which may become unwieldy.

I like your idea about Halton Hills. I think that's a great place and I'd be up for it - the next time I'm up there. Also the Elora Gorge is nice area. Plus there's the entire Escarpment. If you organizae a trp to HH I'll definitely try to be there.

Also, there is Contact coming up in May, so maybe there would be some interest is doing a gallery hop followed by a bar hop? Or maybe a mix of gallery and bar hoping - you know to enhance the images! LOL

Regards, Art.