Hello Folks, I'm having trouble with my Noblex 150. On the last two rolls, the images have been overlapping. I only get about 2/3 of the first image, and the next 5 are overlapping. I lose about a centimeter on each end.

I think I'm loading the camera properly. I follow all the instructions about inserting the film, advancing to where the arrow on the film lines up with the red dot, closing the camera, pressing the shutter button, then advancing to the number 1 on the dial. I know immediately that there is a problem, because that first wind seems very short. The only question I have is whether the battery power (the green light) should be on or off when I load the film. On the last two rolls, the battery was off.

I have a memory that my very first roll ended up like these, and the issue was the loading procedure.

Any help would be appreciated.


-- Mark